keyboard button makes my pc crash?

  patso 19:58 09 Feb 09

there is a button on the top right hand side of my has a half moon crescent logo on it.if you press it the pc crashes and goes to blue screen and memory dump,any idea why this happens and what can i do to fix it,also what is this button for,i tried googling the q and also helproom search,hence the post,thanks

  Technotiger 20:03 09 Feb 09

The Moon emblem indicates that it is a Sleep button. I have it on my keyboard too, but I never use it. I suggest you never use it, just ignore it.

  Technotiger 20:06 09 Feb 09

Or if you really want to, you could got to Start>Control Panel>Keyboard and look at the Keyboard Settings tab.

  patso 20:08 09 Feb 09

Thanks for replying so quick guys,can i disable this button so as if its hit accidently nothing will happen

  jack 20:10 09 Feb 09

Do any of us use them?
I have several keyboards both 'Branded and unbranded
eacj has their set of Xtra buttons- for all sorts of tasks Never use any of them
Never even been curious about them
How many do you use?

  patso 20:14 09 Feb 09

iuse just the basic ones for typing.just looking for a handy hint,is there a way to stop the blue screen of death when this button is hit?thanks

  AL47 20:14 09 Feb 09

i have a media centre button on my dell laptop,

it boots into a linux [i think] partition really quick for dvd/music pplayback without the OS loaded

  Technotiger 20:35 09 Feb 09

If you go to Start>Control Panel>Keyboard you might find a way to Disable that key. I say 'might' because I have just looked at my own Settings and that key is not even listed!

  patso 20:47 09 Feb 09

yeah checked that out says nothing about the key thanks anyway technotiger

  Technotiger 21:02 09 Feb 09

So it seems, that you will just have to keep those little Pinkies under control in future!


  jack 09:58 10 Feb 09

Many third party boards with all those Xtra keys need a separate software to drive them
Logitech for example.
If so investigate that possibility of disabling the software.

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