snoopygirl 21:46 17 Jan 08

what button do i press for getting my emails on the keyboard thanks

  DieSse 21:50 17 Jan 08

There isn't such a button on a standard keyboard.

You either go onto the web, in the case of webmail - or you run Outlook Express or a similar program.

If you explain a bit better we may be able to give better help. Have you set up an email account with anyone yet?

  snoopygirl 21:52 17 Jan 08

i have got my email accounts no problem i was told you can press a button on the keyboad to access your emails or to send one i not sure if i can

  DieSse 21:56 17 Jan 08

Some keyboards do have extra buttons for this (mine does) - standard ones don't.

Does you heyboard have extra buttons around the edge or along the top?

Does one of them have an envelope on it?

  Technotiger 21:56 17 Jan 08

It depends on what keyboard you have. Mine is a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and I have a key to press to accept my Mail, among other keys that do various jobs. If you have such a key it would most probably have 'picture' of an envelope on it.

  Technotiger 21:57 17 Jan 08

Or if you are using Incredimail keys F10 F11 and F12 are mail functions.

  DieSse 21:58 17 Jan 08

PS - All the button will do if you have one, is to start your email program (mine starts Thunderbird - I never use the button - it's quicker to click the icon)- just like you do now another way.

  snoopygirl 22:03 17 Jan 08

my keyboard is a logitech s510

  snoopygirl 22:07 17 Jan 08

i cant find a envelope at all thanks

  birdface 22:12 17 Jan 08

Nice One.Just noticed that I had an envelope key on my keyboard .Tried it and works fine.Thanks for the info.

  DieSse 22:13 17 Jan 08

The S510 does have such a button, but I can't find a clear enough picture on the web to tell you which one.

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