Storik 11:39 26 Jan 05

Is it possible to use one keyboard to control two computers, without constantly having to unplug from one to another?

I expect that some adaptation would be required, and have found a "keyboard splitter", but this is four two keyboards on one computer.

I would like to clear my physical desktop somehow avoid the impression of a drunken spider having walked over it - with the mish mesh of wires.

A wireless keyboard and mouse combination would solve the wiring problem, but not, it seems,one keyboard for two computer.


  ACOLYTE 11:43 26 Jan 05

If you brought 2 wireless adapters and one keyboard and installed on both it may work on 2 PC's i don't know if you can buy the adapter separate from the keyboard tho,and i cant see what advantage having 1 keyboard for 2 PC's would have,especially if you 2 people wont to use the PC's

  Tycho 11:47 26 Jan 05

Switch box?

  Storik 11:58 26 Jan 05

for your suggestions.

ACOLYTE: Will make more enquiries regarding the wireless setup - so far it's been a bit confusing, however, nothing ventured etc.
The general idea is to conserve space. I have thought of a small "shelf" on top of the desktop, with the unused keyboard underneath, but this brings the "used" keyboard to an uncomfortable height. Both computers share the same screen, one connected anologue, the other DVI and this is no problem. Hope this explains my question.

Tycho: Now that sounds like a good idea too - will make some enquiries.


  Storik 12:07 26 Jan 05

Just to explain the two computers. The one I'm using at present I built about a month ago specifically for use on the internet (broadband, eventually, one lives in hope)and for photographic use - my RX600 was very unhappy with 98SE, but my HP 1220C won't work properly with XP.
This computer is running O/S Windows XP Home edition - the other Win 98SE.


  Chezdez 12:12 26 Jan 05

never heard of having one keyboard for two computers, how you flick between each computer?

and what about mice? have you a seperate mouse for each comp?

  Chezdez 12:13 26 Jan 05

sorry, that should be *how will you*

  geeza 12:16 26 Jan 05

you can buy a KVM switch which will do exactly what you require

  Storik 12:19 26 Jan 05

I haven't heard of one keyboard for two computers either - but there's always a "first" lol

I am using two mice at the moment and will only be using one computer at a time - eventually networking them - which will obviously mean another screen sometime in the future.

I am wondering if networking them first might help?


  Storik 12:20 26 Jan 05

You have just earned your angel first class wings - thank you.

Will make enquiries now.


  Storik 12:39 26 Jan 05

appears to be solved!

Looked up the KVM switches and they seem just the ticket - after the heart attack seeing the price of some of them!

Can get one for around £30.00.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to reply, especially geeza.


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