sms 14:25 12 Jun 04

Is there any way that yoiu can lock the keyboard rather than lock the computer

  SANTOS7 14:33 12 Jun 04

Windows logo key+L locks the keyboard and mouse

  Stuartli 14:33 12 Jun 04

If you mean in a way to stop people using the computer system, why not just remove the keyboard and keep it somewhere else?

It would be easier still if you had a wireless keyboard and mouse and removed them both - a mouse could be used to operate the system without the keyboard (don't forget, for instance, that you'll find a keyboard replica in Accessories>Accessibility).

  MartinT-B 14:38 12 Jun 04

click here

Keyboard Shortcuts Result in Windows ® XP - General

Windows Logo Display or hide the Start menu

Windows Logo+BREAK Display the System Properties dialog box

Windows Logo+D Display the desktop

Windows Logo+M Minimize all of the windows

Windows Logo+SHIFT+M Restore the minimized windows

Windows Logo+E Open My Computer

Windows Logo+F Search for a file or a folder

CTRL+Windows Logo+F Search for computers

Windows Logo+F1 Display Windows Help

Windows Logo+ L Lock the keyboard

Windows Logo+R Open the Run dialog box

Windows Logo+U Open Utility Manager

So it's supposed to be Windows Logo + L to lock your KB, but all that does on MY PC is take me to the Windows log on screen. To re-enter I have to click my user name and enter my pass, but I don't use a pass! (XP Pro)

Alternatively, click here

  MartinT-B 14:40 12 Jun 04

damn- I misread my second link! It just reiterates the info above!


  sms 10:36 13 Jun 04

Windows Logo+L does not lock the keyboard.
I have a programme running and sometimes someone touches the keyboard and screws it up, so I just wanted to disable the keyboard until needed again

  Graham ® 10:54 13 Jun 04

Minimise the program.

  Stuartli 11:44 13 Jun 04

Are you sure that "..sometimes someone touches the keyboard and screws it up.." is not a screensaver starting up?

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