mtba44 16:36 08 Mar 04

Hi I am having trouble with my keyboard some numbers are working in the wrong places this is @ above the 2 and the pound sign is gone
anyone any opinions

  anon1 16:38 08 Mar 04

check the country/regional settings make sure the keyboard is english language failing that try another keyboard

  Clint2 16:39 08 Mar 04
  JerryJay 17:14 08 Mar 04

mtba44, you got US keyboard, just change to UK keyboard follow suggestion above.

  mtba44 17:52 08 Mar 04

hi try; all wondering if it could be my PC as it did it on my old one but not sure which part

  anon1 18:15 08 Mar 04

start/control panel date, time, language and regional options then regional and language options then regional options and make sure it is english uk if not change it

  muscic lover 18:25 08 Mar 04

as suggested above..... This cured my same problem a while ago!

Enjoy the UK style board!

  anniesboy68 18:35 08 Mar 04

And me

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