key drive/pen drive

  POOLIE BOY 10:55 09 Feb 03

I want to download/save all my photos from my laptop to a key drive or pen drive. which is the best to go for-and obviously the most cost effective? I have quite a few photos but its now cuttering up my memory and i need to free up some space.

  MAJ 10:58 09 Feb 03

Probably the most cost effective way is to buy and use a CD rewriter to archive all your photos.

  'oppy 11:13 09 Feb 03

poolie boy,
I would go for the small key drives for your laptop, if your wanting to store pics. Less expensive than the cd re writers and much easier to cart about.They vary in memory from 16mb up to 512mb, but I think theres a larger one out now.

  MAJ 11:23 09 Feb 03

Sorry POOLIE BOY, I didn't notice that you said you were using a laptop.

  -pops- 11:29 09 Feb 03

On a practical point - these drives are very easy to lose!


  fitcher 13:33 09 Feb 03

now that dell are doing without a floppy drive .Is there a way of puting the fdisk and the set up, from a floppy 98 start up floppy, on to a pen drive. or on to a c d rom .I use my floppies to get rid of my linux and other systems using f disk and formating my new hard drives . what do you do with out a floppy .I do not like nor . want a recovery disk .

  -pops- 13:48 09 Feb 03

Dell are moving with the times and loading XP as standard. XP boots from CD and does not need floppy boot disks or anything like that.

You cannot use these pen drive things as boot disk substitutes on old systems as they operate on USB which may well not be operable before Windows has loaded although I've an idea some newer motherboards allow it.


  fitcher 14:01 09 Feb 03

if you buy a new hard drive it has to formated and f disked to enable it to work .can you do this on a cd rom disk .as dell will sell you.and it is simple to put a usb card into an older board .and use win 98 as it supports it .or can one simply put an xp disk in and it will format and partion a disk ,

  -pops- 14:03 09 Feb 03

XP will do all its formatting for you even on a "blank" hard drive. fdisk is a thing of the past, as are floppies.


  Stuartli 15:48 09 Feb 03

Why not buy a 2, 4, 6 or 7 to 1 card reader (latter about £16 from click here) and use Compact Flash or, better still, Secure Digital memory cards?

Cheaper and you can buy additional cards as and when required.

You'll soon fill up a pen-drive, which are also more expensive.

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