kettle plug splitter

  Tree3 08:59 24 Nov 03

can i get a plug splitter for the back of a computer for the moniter because i just bought a new PSU and only has one plug in the back of it

  jolorna 09:20 24 Nov 03

you can buy a piggy back lead but you would be better of just plugging the monitor into a mains socket

  Pesala 10:30 24 Nov 03

You can buy a six socket trailing lead with built-in surge protection and connect your PC, monitor, printer, scanner, modem, and speakers into it. Then one switch on the wall to switch the lot off, and all devices are protected from power surges.

  Tree3 12:41 24 Nov 03

i found a cable that goes inti the the back of the moniter straight into the mains socket

  Stuartli 13:28 24 Nov 03

My local Kwik-Save is currently offering a surge and spike protected four socket extension lead for just £6.99.

Even better is that there are two of these four-gang extension leads in a pack...:-)

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