kernel 32DLL fault

  Bluescreen 01:11 04 Jan 03
  Bluescreen 01:11 04 Jan 03

Hi guys. Whats a Kernel 32 fault? It pops up every now and then. I used to get it on my pc before I upgraded it. I know run a PC chips 841 Mobo with xp2000 with 256 2100ddr,40gig seagate,300psu with burner on Me. Was probably the easiest p.c I have ever built. Even didn't have to reformat the HHD. But I have a feeling I might have to ?



  Djohn 01:19 04 Jan 03

click here Have a look at this site. regards. J.

  Bluescreen 01:33 04 Jan 03

Mmmmmmmmmm. Interesting stuff, but by the looks of it, its quite common. As my system seems ok when I click 'ok' I might as well leave it until I reformat and reload Me in the near future, or can it cause damage?

  wawadave 01:36 04 Jan 03

try this link
click here how 2 run m.e well ver.4
click here

click here

  Djohn 01:37 04 Jan 03

Bluescreen, no, it won't cause any harm at all. J.

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