Keeping a sly eye on the kids MSN chats?

  tolly2 00:38 23 Jun 07


is there a way to keep an eye on the kids MSN chats without them feeling that they are being spied upon?

Is there a utility that can log what is typed?



  tolly2 01:18 23 Jun 07

Bump !

  rdave13 01:26 23 Jun 07

Yes, just google for keylogger. Don't think it will help though as you'll have to have some trust..:) Difficult I know but if you talk, reason and ultimately threaten, and carry out, that they'll be on parental control for ,say,..3 months, then maybe common sense will prevail. Worked with my then fourteen year old. Good luck!

  Sparkly 07:29 23 Jun 07

In windows live messenger you can keep a log of conversations by going to Tools > options > messages tab > message history > tick automatically keep a history of my conversations > click apply,wheather this still applys when someone else is logged on im not sure maybe what Rdave13 suggests is more prudent and allso not an invasion of thier privacy.

  wee eddie 08:25 23 Jun 07

Having installed the program/equipment and found out that they are pushing your boundaries. What do you do?

Firstly: You'd probably be slightly disappointed if they were so supine that they didn't push the boundries.

Secondly: How do you admit that you're spying on them.

Thirdly: Once they know that you have a method of spying on them, they will find ways of outwitting it and you.

Fourthly: Having outwitted you, they may go further down an unacceptable path than they would have done while unsupervised.

  Stuartli 11:09 23 Jun 07

I would have to think very long and hard before taking such a step.

We were all young once...:-)

  dogbreath1 11:24 23 Jun 07

Simply, don't go there!

Even if you could totally control a kids 'virtual' life, that's only a small proportion of their total social interaction.

And, if you lose a kid's trust, you're not likely to get it back.

  Andy1991 17:08 23 Jun 07

U don't need extra software at all. u simply need access to a couple of files with some options enabled.

u need to have there MSN account logged in, then select tools, then Options. Go to the Messages section, then tick "Automatically keep a history of my cnversations" (near bottom of dialog). Then select OK, and u can come out of their account. Then for now on their conversation will be logged as files in the following directory.

Jack's Documents > My Recieved Files> [email protected]472839201

Where Jack is the username they use to log in to the computer.

  Andy1991 17:11 23 Jun 07

the [email protected] is just an example and is is the username the use to sign in to MSN. the should be a load of numbers i think after that username on the folder name. Any way these logs will be in that folder.
But i would tihnk about "dogbreath1"'s comment (strange name mate). But try it first and let us now the result and what u think before u decide wether to pursue this option.

  Forum Editor 17:17 23 Jun 07

but it might be an idea to think long and hard before eavesdropping on their private lives. If they find out about it they may react badly. If they're teenagers, and they're normal you're bound to see stuff you don't like, and then what are you going to do?

It goes without saying that it's your call - they're your children after all, but maybe you'll mull it over a bit more before you act.

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