Keeping / Deleting AntiVirus versions

  Furkin 09:10 12 Jun 08

I am running an Acer T120 for single user home use.
XP Pro SP2 (Can’t get v3 {disc} to load - will look into it before putting another post - unless someone has a def’ ‘fix’ now)
2Gb RAM - 120Gb HDD (50% full) - IE6.

My computer came with Webroot Spy Sweeper and Zone Alarm. They are both out of date, but will still scan.

I have up to date AVG 8 and Super Antispyware.

My question is: will I lose anything drastic by getting rid of Webroot & Zone alarm ? Is there likely to be anything better in them than I get with AVG & SAS ?

I hate deleting this sort of stuff without asking for advice,,,, as I don’t know the inside workings etc.

Cheers all

  birdface 09:24 12 Jun 08

You can safely get rid of Webroot Spysweeper.Zone Alarm I am not sure if it is just the Firewall or the security Suite.You will need some sort of Firewall, even windows firewall will do.AVG and SAS look good enough to me.

  Technotiger 09:30 12 Jun 08

IMHO it is best to keep ZA, - WSS could be got rid of, but it does not hurt to keep it as well as SA - one program usually find things other programs may miss.

  Furkin 09:40 12 Jun 08

thanks guys,

BUTEMAN: I'm assuming that it's a Suite, as I have to pay for the update. It was a 'bought' version that was on the machine when I got it. It has the Scan mode for incoming & outgoing / e-mails etc.

TECHNO: Yep - I do like to run a couple of items for that very purpose. You always read about 'this' or 'that' system will find things that others miss - but you have to draw the line somewhere !
Is there a specific reason that you say to keep the outdated ZA ?

Looks like i'll be dumping WSS then ?

  crosstrainer 09:41 12 Jun 08

Your SP3 issue is the version of IE you are using.

Download and install IE7

Then try the service pack again.

  crosstrainer 09:42 12 Jun 08

Sorry, missed the link it's:

click here

  Furkin 09:44 12 Jun 08

thanks Crosstrainer:
I did try IE7 when it first came out,,,, but couldn't get it to load either.
As my IE6 was working o.k I just sort of left it.

I'd better give it another go,,,, watch out for Help Wanted post soon !?!?

  birdface 09:46 12 Jun 08

What version of Zone Alarm are you using.Is it just the Firewall or the security suite.Just wondering why you have to pay for it.If it is the security suite you will have to remove it as you can only have 1 anti-virus program.

  Technotiger 09:55 12 Jun 08

When I said you should keep ZA, I was assuming you had the Free version of just the Firewall, (not including Anti-virus) - the Firewall is an essential item to keep!

  birdface 10:14 12 Jun 08

Tell you what I would do. As you have AVG8 and Superantispyware AVG also covers Anti-Spyware .You should not need Webroot Spysweeper .I would remove Both Zone Alarm and Webroot.Switch your Windows Firewall on.]Run C cleaner to get rid of any parts left over.Reboot your computer and then install any Microsoft updates manually.With a bit of luck SP3 will be one of the updates.And if everything goes well you can then download the free version of Zone Alarm if you want.Or Kerio Firewall full version can be downloaded for less than £5 at the moment.

  provider 2 10:22 12 Jun 08

1214 AVG 8.0 Conflicts:

click here

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