keep getting disconnected

  bigface 19:47 23 Sep 06

this is driving me nuts im with bt broadband and i keep getting discoed.i can't stay online for more than 10 to 15 minutes i live in the middle off nowhere (bumpkin) is there a quick fix i dont know about or will i have to speak to the bt computer guru in india thanks everone i bet fruitbat sors me out

  anskyber 19:55 23 Sep 06

How long have you been on BT broadband?

  bigface 20:06 23 Sep 06

i year no prblems but old pc i just got discoed and had message saying "stack overflow" whats that

  anskyber 20:21 23 Sep 06
  bigface 20:34 24 Sep 06

thanks ansk

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