Keep getting black screen

  spookus 09:39 30 Jun 08

Over the last few months our computer has been experiencing worse and worse technical problems and we have put this down to its age, its gradually been getting slower, less responsive etc. Recentll though something worse has been happening, around half of all times we log off our settings and the computer goes into standby, we can't get it out of standby, the screen is black, but unlike normailly when the desktop light is yellow in standby, it is green. No amount of moving the mouse helps, nor does any combination of keys. We have done many virus checks and still cannot think what may be causing the problem. Any suggestions?

  brundle 09:44 30 Jun 08

Your power supply is probably on its way out

  brundle 09:45 30 Jun 08

Next time it occurs switch the whole lot off at the wall for a while. Disconnect any non-essential peripherals. See if it fires up properly next time you switch it on.

  Halmer 10:03 30 Jun 08

and overheating?

Check the external vents first. Mine were blocked solid and I had a similar issue.

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