kazaa problem

  BLB 09:34 01 Jan 06

My anti spyware program keeps finding 2 problems both named Kazaa which I have found out is Bundleware, but it appears every time I switch on because the usual progs eg Ad-aware, spybot, MS antispyware,ewido,spyware nukercannot remove it. Any Ideas????

  VoG II 09:37 01 Jan 06

click here - please read the warning.

  BLB 10:19 01 Jan 06

Thanks Vog-this seems a bit complicated for me. Is there an antispyware prog that clears it out.I'm not up to restoring the communications part of Windows.

  PaulB2005 10:31 01 Jan 06

click here

WinSock Fix will do it automatically for you. Just run the program and then click fix.

  BLB 10:48 01 Jan 06

Thanks PaulB-Do I just run this on its own or after the prog that Vog suggested? My internet connection is ok and not affected.

  PaulB2005 10:48 01 Jan 06

Winsock Fix will do the last bit automatically for you.

Download KazzaaBeGone and WinSockFix.

Run KBG and then WSF.

  BLB 11:15 01 Jan 06

Thanks Vog and Paulb.I kept my fingers crossed and ran KazaaBG and then Winsock fix and they worked.I ran a scan with Spyware nuker and i got the all clear and no internet connection problems. Many thanks to both of you. Happy new year. BLB.

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