Kaspersky problems

  tmac 11:09 03 Nov 06

I installed Kaspersky and did a scan which took 3 hours. After that I lost my internet connection and had avery slow computer. Before installation I forgot to turn of Norton Anti virus and spybot Could this have caused my problem and would it be safe to turn off these programs and reinstall Kaspersky?

  Belatucadrus 11:35 03 Nov 06

Oh yes, consider yourself lucky it's only a go slow. Anti virus programs are notoriously incompatible with each other and at their worst one package can identify the alternates virus signatures as actual viruses and set to correcting the matter, resulting in war that can crash or lock up a PC. Turning one off could fix it, but I'd recommend total removal of one of the programmes. Running two AV is a very bad idea.

  bjh 12:47 03 Nov 06

Absolutely the problem, and Belatucadrus is dead right. Never run two antivirusa products together. I am surprised Kaspersky let itself install if Norton was still alive!

Again, I'd agree with total removal, but would suggest that both are removed, then one reinstalled. I use Kaspersky myself, and can recommend it (although the antispam component is virtually useless, all other parts are top-notch).

  buckv-1 13:23 03 Nov 06

I have just installed kaspersky6 onto my brothers comp after his subscription was about to run out on norton internet secure...2005 first scan started and about an hour later and half way through it had found 28 viruses and 9 trojans. The computer was free from viruses as i set up xp pro on clean HDD new M/board, chip and mem So i have no complaints... GOOD WORK to all of the KASPERSKY team...all software has its bugs and so do most computers.....

  yaesu 15:13 03 Nov 06

I agree with bjh. Recently installed Kaspersky without problems but did remove previous anti virus first. I found the anti spam a nusiance so just disabled it, the rest works fine, regards, yaesu.

  tmac 17:09 03 Nov 06

I also run spysweeper. Do I need to uninstall this as well?

  Belatucadrus 17:42 03 Nov 06

Spysweeper shouldn't be a problem.

  tmac 21:42 05 Nov 06

Thank you everyone. Kaspersky successfully installed

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