Kaspersky Lab email offer

  jarani 08 Mar 12

I had an email from Kaspersky Lab re - Internet Security 2012 Free License Keys Antivirus and Security - New version 3 minutes auto setup - is this genuine please ?

  Woolwell 08 Mar 12

Do you have Kaspersky? Do you have the 2011 version? Have you looked at the origin of the e-mail? Is there a link and does it point to Kaspersky (do not click on it to find out but hover over it).

  jarani 09 Mar 12

Woolwell - thank you I have never had Kaspersky - I do not know how to look for the origin of an email, but today I had a repeat email with a "must" to install narrative - suspicious ! I think and a warning to others - it looks so real the email came from Kaspersky Lab it says

  rdave13 09 Mar 12
  rdave13 09 Mar 12

" To determine the origin of the email message, use the extended email headers to locate the IP address of the sender's mail server. Keep in mind that the header is always in the reverse when read from top to bottom. The first mail server listed is the last one the mail went through on its way to you. The further down you read the further you back track where the message has come from. "

  Woolwell 09 Mar 12

Almost certainly spam/poss virus or malware if you had downloaded anything. See Malware news

  Woolwell 09 Mar 12

Phishing e-mail.


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