Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 (Issue 146)

  tanisthalon 13:32 21 Jul 07

I just installed this and used the activation code given by PC Advisor and every time I try it all I get is 'Request contains incorrect license key data'.
Can anyone advise as to what is going on. I cannot get another code obviously because the link takes me to the page which says I have already registered the software.

  Totally-braindead 13:37 21 Jul 07

Sounds to me like you might be incorrectly entering one of the characters for the code eg 1 instead of I?

  tanisthalon 13:40 21 Jul 07

I copy and pasted it from the email.

have you tried asking them? click here

and check the key is for kis 6 and not kav 6

  tanisthalon 14:18 21 Jul 07

I am still waiting for a response from Kaspersky, they were whom I queried first.
The key is for KIS as the KIS 6.0 is on the September DVD with a link to get the activation code here at PC Advisor, for which I had to join up.

hmmm, i bought mine from kaspersky direct, theres a new post click here so i would wait to see what kaspersky say

  Sicknote2479 14:07 27 Jul 07

I am having the same problem and would like to know how to get over it too.

  tanisthalon 15:17 27 Jul 07

I had received an email from Kaspersky at the beginning of the week. The person whom took my case on (I used the online service as seen in an earlier reply on this thread) was kind enough to sort it all out for me and now I am up an running. They basically sorted out my license and sent a key across for the 6 month trial. Thumbs up on customer support.

  pc magazine 16:11 28 Jul 07

I also cannot activate the cover disc version. I have now registered with PC Adviser to access the 'activation key' but they haven't sent but it hasn't been forwarded to me as instructed. Where or how else am I to get it?

  RickyC :-) 16:48 28 Jul 07

Apologies for not spotting your thread earlier. I'm pleased that Kaspersky were able to provide you with a code that worked.

'Sicknote2479' - you don't appear to have registered for the software yet - click here to register, and the code will appear on the following page after you click the 'Register for Software' button. You will also be sent the code in an email.

'pc magazine' - you also don't seem to have registered for the key, click here to register and please contact me by using the yellow envelope next to my user name above if there are any further questions.

There's also a very useful support site for Kaspersky - where users might find an answer to their questions - click here for assistance on activation issues (if you have already obtained a code from our Kaspersky registration page.

kind regards

Cover Disc Editor

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