Kaspersky and AVG

  exdragon 17:32 16 Apr 09

Hi - I'm just replacing my current Kaspersky 7 which is about to expire with a new 3 licence KIS 2009 version.

However, it's telling me I still have AVG 8 lurking somewhere. It's not seen in Control Panel and I'm a bit surprised that the earlier version of Kaspersky ran ok.

I understand I need to download AVG again, then chose to uninstall at the appropriate point: will this be a problem if I'm downloading 8.5, while my version is 8, please?

  brundle 17:58 16 Apr 09
  exdragon 18:00 16 Apr 09

Thanks,brundle, but is there any way other than poking around in the registry - not terribly happy doing that and as my pc has just been reformatted after a crash, I'd rather find a simpler way if possible.

  mfletch 18:08 16 Apr 09

There a AVG removal tool have a look here

click here

  exdragon 18:15 16 Apr 09

mfletch - thank you, I'll give it a try. I'd forgotten about that!

  birdface 18:20 16 Apr 09
  wrg 18:30 16 Apr 09

If the removal tool does not work (it did not for me), what you need to do is set the AVG file to show hidden files. I cannot remember how to do this now, maybe someone else can advise if need be.

  wrg 09:48 17 Apr 09

Sorry meant to say that when the folder is set to show hidden files you will see the files that have been left and you can manualy delete them.

  exdragon 09:50 17 Apr 09

Thanks, all - I downloaded the Kaspersky removal tool as advised by mfletch. I followed the instruction and ran the Kleaner file and although it seemed as if nothing happened, the next time I tried KIS, it loaded perfectly.

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