Kaspersky av cant scan Spybot files

  radi8or 19:25 03 Jan 05

Hi all,

when I run a scan with my Kaspersky AV I get a pop-up saying "Can't scan password protected files. Enter password to enable scan."

Have found the files and they are Spybot S&D
Recovery files and are passworded(is that a word)

I imagine that Spybot has set the password because I didn't. Couple of queries ??

1. How can I unpassword them ? or

2. Should I, not bother and just delete them if I can.

Your thoughts, ideas, or solutions (if possible),
as always, gratefully accepted.

Regards Bob

  Technotiger 19:40 03 Jan 05

Hi, have a look at this thread, I think same reponses there may apply to your problem too.


  radi8or 20:34 03 Jan 05


Thanks for response, read thro that post, so disabled my AV and ran Avast cleaner,nothing found apart from a couple of Temp files that couldn't be scanned, also ran Panda online scan
basicly the same result.

Seems to be that different AVs pick up on different things, think i'll see if I can get in touch with Spybot maybe they will have an answer.

Will leave thread open till tommorrow just in case and will post back if I find out anytthing.

Thanks for your help

Regards Bob

  Brian-336451 20:54 03 Jan 05

I must admit that I just tell Kaspersky to ignore them.

I had uninstalled Spybot and reinstalled it again once just to see. Clean bill of health.

My advice? Just disregard. The irritation I have with it is I forget when I set off a virus scan overnight. I come back in the morning and the scan is STUCK, asking me for a password.

Now that IS irritating.

Kaspersky? . . .

  Brian-336451 21:07 03 Jan 05

RE: Password protected archive

If you're using KAV Personal prior to version 5.0.227, you can disable the option to ask you what the password is.

Go to Settings/Configure On-Demand Scan and click on Troubleshooting. Tick "Do not ask for password when scanning objects".

KAV Personal 5.0.227 has this option checked by default.

  radi8or 21:12 03 Jan 05

Hi,Not THAT Brian May,

I totally agree with you there, I used to run AVG7(bought)but thought it a bit slow, how wrong can you be.
I usually run it early Saturday morning, have enough time for cup of tea, breakfast, walk dog, take wife shopping, only joking, seems to do a good job.

Do you know if these files accumulate or is it just one set.

Still think i'll drop Spybot a mail see if their

Regards Bob

  radi8or 21:26 03 Jan 05

Not THAT Brian May,
Wow that was quick !!

Really must brush up on my typing speed.

Just checked, v/no. 5.0.149, how have I missed an upgrade, update it every other day.

Well you have certainly sorted that out, well done Brian, if I may be so informal.

Thanks for your help

Regards Bob

  Brian-336451 21:46 03 Jan 05

Glad it's solved, it prompted me to solve the irritation for me too.

As for formal you maybe (May B - that's me).

God, I'm such a wag!


  radi8or 22:12 03 Jan 05

Not THAT Brian May

Two birds with one stone can't be bad, plus i've
upgraded me program.

Thought your name was B.May

Thought you was a fella or is May your weekend name, whoa too much info!!! :0))

Regards Bob

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