jimmer409® 16:56 19 Apr 10

installed kantaris at one point on xp pro system, have since uninstalled, but files from usb devices and my docs still showing up as kantaris video files. completely removed any kantaris values using regedit, ran ccleaner, still the same, any help appreciated.

  Pineman100 17:01 19 Apr 10

It sounds as though your media files are still associated with Kantaris.

You need to change the associations of the appropriate files so that they're associated with whatever software you now use to open them.

click here

  jimmer409® 18:52 19 Apr 10

thanks pineman, yes this is what i'm trying to sort, but even when i right click and say open with (for example wmp) and check always use the this program, the files still say kantaris????

  Paddylad 20:50 19 Apr 10

Don't know if you've got sorted yet, but with a similar problem I went to My Computer>Disc C > program files and scrolled down and found what I needed to delete, opened the file and dismantled it from inside.

  jimmer409® 04:34 20 Apr 10

yes paddylad, i've had to do this in the past to get rid of stuff. problem is there is no kantaris file or folder to be found, nor no reg enrties.

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