JVC Camcorder and SONY Vaio A617S

  thefronk 22:27 30 Aug 06

I have a JVC camcorder (GR-DVL 167) which I am trying to connect to a SONY VAIO A617S laptop through the firewire connection. When connected, and using Windows Movie Maker the message tells me that there is nothing connected and yet when I connect the same camcorder to a desktop computer through Windows Movie maker there is no problem and I can edit etc.
The DV In/Out cable I am usieng with the SONY laptop has the correct firewire connections but is not a SONY i-Link product - I have bought it from an electronic company. Does this make any difference ? The recommended SONY item is nearly £30.00 and I don't want to buy this if it is not the correct answer.
Anyone out there to help me ????
Thanks to any helpfull reply

  skidzy 20:44 31 Aug 06

Cheap SONY digital CAMERA I-LINK IEEE1394 DV CABLE 4pin -4pin

If you belive that from Hong Kong !!!

However i would think your cable is absolutely fine.

Have you checked device manager for any yellow exclaimation marks.

Start/Control Panel/System/hardware/Device Manager/

Look for "IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers"

Expand the + key

You have the Compliant IEEE 1394 host Controller

Right click this and uninstall

Reboot and xp will reinstall the controller for you.

Now try your camcorder again.

If this does not work,please post back.

Hope this helps.

  skidzy 20:46 31 Aug 06

Sorry forgot the Ebay link click here

  thefronk 23:14 31 Aug 06

skidzy - tried that- same message appears....."a video capture device was not detected".....
any other thoughts ?

  skidzy 23:29 31 Aug 06

You should have an option that says ...scan for hardware chages,have you tried that ?

  skidzy 23:30 31 Aug 06

Sorry should have read "scan for hardware changes"

  thefronk 23:38 31 Aug 06

yes - just tried that - still the same

  skidzy 23:41 31 Aug 06

Back in a moment just going to try something with my camcorder

  skidzy 23:46 31 Aug 06

Ok,once the firewire is plugged into the cam and the laptop is the cam recgonised in My Computer

  thefronk 23:49 31 Aug 06


  skidzy 23:54 31 Aug 06

Sorry if this sounds silly,when the cam is plugged in,you do have turned on ?

Sorry but its a matter of elimination at the moment.

You could try leaving it plugged in/turned on and reboot the laptop.

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