Allen-1337340 10:24 11 Feb 09

I have this hard disk camcoder.
I took some footage during my recent holiday to America.
The quality is superb,but when I try to convert it to a file that my moviemaker software will accept it either loses quality or will not accept the format in the first place.
I have successfully managed to tranfer all the files to my hard disc on my computer,but cannot get any further-can anyone help?
Every converter I have tried,so far,suffers with this problem for me.

  Les28 15:08 11 Feb 09

What is the camera model exactly, JVC 205GB sounds more like its hard drive size 205GB. Have you got the camera manual to tell you what model it is and what format it saves video in.

Did you get any video capture and conversion software CD with the camera.
What file extension shows for the video you have copied to your hard drive, what moviemaker software have you tried to import the file into and what converters have you tried and can you play the video on your pc by clicking on one of the movie files saved to your hard drive.

Just wondering if it's a JVC Everio series saving movie in .MOV format, do you have the free Apple Quicktime player on your pc.
Main thing is to find out what filetype, do you have show file type extensions enabled on your pc so you can see filetype endings, is it XP, Vista pc ?

  Les28 16:29 11 Feb 09

I think some JVC Everio save in the .MOD format, you can always try changing the file extension from .mod to .mpg or .avi and seeing if your moviemaker ? software will accept that, or trying a free file converter like Prism free version which will allow conversion from .mod to output .avi which should be accepted by your moviemaker.

The non free version Prism Plus will allow output in a lot more file formats, but the free one converting to AVI should be OK.

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