Just in Time Debugger.

  ribo 12:14 23 Nov 07

Need some help again.
I keep getting a message about this Just in Time Debugger.( This is when I am using Movie Maker or Nero.) It says something about Visual Studiom, which I find I have in my Programs folder. But do not know where it came from. Whilst trying to find out more info. in Google I think it have something to do with Microsoft Net Framework. (I could be wrong). In my Add/Remove I have found 5 referenced to this Net Framework. They are.:-
M/S Net Framework 1.1.
M/S Net Framework Hotfix

  ribo 12:18 23 Nov 07

Did not finish message.!!!.
M/S Net Framework 2.0
M/S Net Framework 2.0 SDK-ENU
M/S Net Framework 3.

I do not know where these have come from although I expect I must have installed them

My question is ,do I want them all? Do I want visual studio and if I do How can I stop this message about Just in Timwe debugger from appearing?
I use this comp. mainly for photography and video editing. Thanks.

  ribo 14:39 23 Nov 07


  ribo 09:20 24 Nov 07

No help this time? J

  johnnyrocker 09:29 24 Nov 07

i believe network 2 is the latest and i think the rest can be uninstalled? someone may know otherwise but it is a start..


  ribo 09:34 24 Nov 07

Thank you. Do you anything about this Visual Studio.? J

  johnnyrocker 09:58 24 Nov 07

sorry i know nowt about it except it may be an add on download at some stage.


  ribo 10:05 24 Nov 07

Thank you. I do appreciate all the help I can get. J

  johnnyrocker 10:07 24 Nov 07

i try all i can but there are cleverer people who may not be up yet:)


  ribo 10:55 25 Nov 07

I do not seem as though I am going to get any further help with this problem, so I will mark it as resolved,which of course it isn't. J

  tasslehoff burrfoot 11:12 25 Nov 07

If you want help resolving the error message you get, you'll have to post it.

wrt .net framework, whether you need it or not is dependant on what software you want to use either now or in the future.

To put it simply, it allows you to run programs written in one of the .net languages.

The reason you are getting the error message is because your program is erroring, not .net framework.

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