Just A Suggestion.

  AubreyS 22:39 29 Feb 04

A lot of things can be found click here Just simply type in what you are after and you'll be surprised what you will find.

  VoG II 22:40 29 Feb 04


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:41 29 Feb 04

Must be a new site people dont like change lol.


  AubreyS 22:45 29 Feb 04

Yes I know that I'm stating the obvious but sometimes someone puts a request for a file or somewhere that they can find something. I've just entered it into good 'ole Google and there it is. Just trying to be helpful. Should I shut up? :(

  Eargasm 22:46 29 Feb 04

ru for real?

  AubreyS 22:46 29 Feb 04

Errr yes I think so.

  VoG II 22:48 29 Feb 04

No, you are making a good point that should be put up from time to time. No intention to offend but, as you know, I and others use Google extensively in finding answeres.

  VoG II 22:49 29 Feb 04

And how to spelle. LOL!

  Tim1964 22:50 29 Feb 04

You're dead right AubreyS.

Many times I've seen posts such as "what is this error message....abc123xyz ?" Only to 'Google' it to find the info straight away. Or "My windows doesn't shutdown properly" and surprise, surprise Googling "windows shutdown problems" takes you to the MS support pages.

  AubreyS 22:52 29 Feb 04

Yes VoG your 'answeres' was a good one. Just trying to give some help and advice to people who may not have thought of it. Not everyone is as clever as eargasm who may know all the answers to all problems without having to look them up. I for one look up many things that way.

  ton 22:57 29 Feb 04

I second that, AubreyS.

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