Just Start Over

  Third Eye 22:33 01 Jul 05

Since Iv'e Had My PC for quite a long time now and i now consider myself a knowledgable user a small tip for many problems.

Just reinstall.

The amount of time i wasted when i got my Pc trying to solve problems, to the time it takes to reinstall is just not worth it.

My advice just get a removable usb hard drive, transfer everything to the drive, and Reinstall.

All you got to do then is put your firewall back on service pack 2, hook up your isp and your away.

I do this every 6 months and its like new again.

Everyone does something stupid now again and spends days trying to fix it.

reinstall takes about a day and your system will be like new again.

  woodchip 23:11 01 Jul 05

Looks like your learning

  Third Eye 00:55 02 Jul 05

you know im learning Woodchip.

Its like getting a new Pc again.

  Third Eye 13:11 02 Jul 05

Thanks for the tip crx1600, but is this not the same as just putting your xp disc in and transfering everything back.

Will image software create a image of everything including service packs, firewall, games youve installed.

Never used image software, if its as quick as that that would be great.
How long does it take to create the image.

Also whats the best image software to buy.


  woodchip 13:56 02 Jul 05

Image coppies all you info on the Hard Drive. I use Acronis True Image 8

  spuds 14:08 02 Jul 05

Acronis True Image 8.0,superb bit of kit. Ebuyer click here quickcode 84937 [£15.86 + p/p]

  Third Eye 14:58 02 Jul 05

thanks for the info.

sounds like great software, i will check it out.

  wee eddie 15:07 02 Jul 05

is that it is an image, warts and all.

I am rather in agreement with Third Eye.

Start again with a clean sheet. Download the latest version of all the software that you need and then bung your files back on the HDD.

I am afraid that this is not a Techi solution, and I have missed a couple of files on occasion. I lost my IE Favorites last time, but at least it gets rid of all the dross.

  woodchip 15:55 02 Jul 05

You are missing the point. You do not create just one IMAGE, best is create a Image when the computer is a clean install or a new computer. Then create other Images as and when you need to, like after some time and you have downloaded updates, and Comp is working OK. It then only needs a backup of inclemently docs pictures e-mail folders etc.

PS warts an all is better than no PC

  wee eddie 22:28 02 Jul 05

Currently waiting for Floyd and drinking Schnapps.
I shall mull over your ideas, I'm really inexperienced in some of these things.

I've not even got a Telly yet.

  CurlyWhirly 22:55 02 Jul 05

I agree with using imaging software, I personally use Drive Image 7 but this has now been discontinued to be replaced with Norton Ghost though I haven't upgraded as I don't see the point as my DI7 software still works okay!
I have TWO backup images, the first is an image that I created while *ONLY* having my operating system on it and is quite small in size.

The other is the *LATEST* image made when my PC is working okay after having run CCleaner, antivirus, antispyware, defragged, etc.

Since making backups it has saved me on numerous occasions and I would thoroughly recommend doing so as it's MUCH quicker than re-installing the operating system and all your programs, applications not to mention Microsoft Updates, etc!

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