Just The Singing On Songs

  rossgolf 19:01 17 Feb 08

is there any way i can get just the singing in a song and not the back ground music.....anywhere i can download them from or use something like audacity to do it?

  MAT ALAN 19:09 17 Feb 08

click here

this may help...

  rossgolf 19:25 17 Feb 08

not lyrics,,,the actualy song but with out the backing tracks ,,,just the singing so i can put my own backing tracks on and stuff like that.

thank you anyway

  woodchip 19:26 17 Feb 08

And I would like to do it the other way round. For Guitar solo

  rossgolf 19:40 17 Feb 08

surely there should be a simple way

i think lol

  cocteau48 19:53 17 Feb 08

Unless you have access to the original tapes from which the final version was mixed then I would have thought that there is no way of "unmixing" a released track so that you can separate out vocals/lead guitar/percussion from a backing track.

  MAJ 20:02 17 Feb 08

This click here might help.

  Joe R 20:05 17 Feb 08


would the karaoke setting in most audio software, not meet the requirements.? I believe it only lowers the volume of the vocals.

  rossgolf 20:08 17 Feb 08

thank you but looking for free software
not going to be easy to find

  Technotiger 20:42 17 Feb 08

Hmm, sounds a little bit illegal to me, what would the original artist say! Does this infringe copyright?

Or am I just being an old sceptic!

  rossgolf 20:43 17 Feb 08

wouldnt like to comment :P

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