Just a quick question!

  STEVE71163 16:26 05 Apr 03

I have just had a thought about various problems i had been having for a few days before i had to re format my hard drive. Last week i fitted a cdrw to my pc and by mistake forgot to set the jumpers one to master and the other to slave and i switched on my pc with both the cd rom and the re writer set to master. Would this have corrupted data in windows? I did turn the pc off and sort it out as soon as i realised what i had done but wondered if that may have caused problems?

  Paranoid Android 16:43 05 Apr 03

Both devices were on IDE2 so should not have interfered with your HDD at all, and the problem with the CD devices should have corrected itself as soom as you reset the jumpers.


  STEVE71163 16:46 05 Apr 03

Thanks for replying. It must have been some beta software i was using as i thought.

  woodchip 16:47 05 Apr 03

No that would not cause Problem. But software could if you loaded it

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