Just for Opera and Mozilla Users

  Pesala 20:49 22 Jun 04

click here for a neat demonstration of using alpha transparency.

  christmascracker 20:55 22 Jun 04

That's neat :-)

  Pesala 21:09 22 Jun 04


  Mikè 21:14 22 Jun 04

Hooray something that works with Opera and not with IE. Have you tried dragging the sun off to the right? just goes on and on....

  christmascracker 21:15 22 Jun 04

Mmmm, not quite the same lol

I must admit,I've been using Opera for a good few weeks now and I love it. Only use IE if I absolutely have to

  shizzy 21:59 22 Jun 04

That's nice.
Been using Mozilla for just over a week. Downloaded Opera first but not too keen. Made the change from IE6 when I saw on another magazine site that more vulnerabilities had been founnd in IE and Microsoft hadn't got the patches ready. Some security bod advised changing browsers, which I did. I have not read anything similar on here but could have missed it.

  woodchip 22:11 22 Jun 04

Works with Netscape

  VoG II 22:17 22 Jun 04

That is pretty incredible stuff, Pesala. It works in Firefox 0.9 as well.

I remember that many years ago a bouncing ball demonstration on an Amiga caused amazement at a computer trade show. Looks like we have moved on!

  Valvegrid 22:23 22 Jun 04
  VoG II 22:35 22 Jun 04

Thanks, that site is buried deep inside my Favorites.

I would regale you with my adventures with my Amiga 600 but the FE would probably (quite rightly) delete the posting. It is still languishing in the loft, complete with disks for some brilliant games plus a Fortran compiler that was free but written by a German gentleman. I used to compile my code then get an error message "Fehler ...". Fehler I could understand but not ...

The A600 came with 1MB RAM and I added another 1MB chip making an amazing 2MB! I used to write Fortran code (with multiply nested DO loops) before I went to bed and collect the results in the morning. I also had it create a RAM disk on boot up - now where have we seen that recently?

Oops - I think I may have outstayed my welcome :o)

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