Just loged In to PCA

  woodchip 22:48 11 Jun 07

And am strait back off. With the Add that is coming in from the right side of the screen and blocking half of the forum page. No point in wasting any more time. It’s beyond a joke

  sunny staines 23:04 11 Jun 07

time to move to ie7 with ie7 pro or firefox with ad blocker. I had to do this recently due to the bad flashing ads.

  johnnyrocker 23:06 11 Jun 07

dont click on it?


  alB 23:19 11 Jun 07

I'm using Avant browser, the only ads i can see are right hand side..Benq and top below the PCA banner Lenovo, neither are blocking any of the forum page ...alB

  skidzy 23:26 11 Jun 07

as a workaround maybe try Firefox2 and disable the javascript from the tools/options/content tabs.

This will stop most of the adds but does restrict the surfing a wee bit.

I know your using 98 and should still work.

  Spark6 23:30 11 Jun 07

IE 6.0 on this machine, no problems apart from four mains electrical failures between 16.30 and 18.00 hrs earlier! Computer, televisions and mains clocks failed, lighting etc restored within seconds. Annoying!

  birdface 07:26 12 Jun 07

I have tried using IE7 and Firefox and get no adverts,are you sure you have not picked up a nastie,If using IE7 download this. click here that will stop flash objects and add's, from Jimmy14 thread,and I have used it for a fortnight with no problems.

  scotty 10:27 12 Jun 07

woodchip, I am not sure which ad you are having problems with but I fully support your sentiment. I have stopped visiting several sites due to the intrusive ads. The best thing to do is vote with your feet - or do as has been suggested and use Firefox with an ad blocker.

  Stuartli 10:33 12 Jun 07

I use Firefox and, occasionally, IE6 - I have no problems with ads affecting the PCA area using the browers' standard built-in pop up blockers.

  Meshuga 11:57 12 Jun 07

I have this problem with an advert from Mercedes Benz cars blocking the right hand side of screen. I am on IE6. It`s a "B" nuisance.

  Stuartli 11:58 12 Jun 07

Is it driving you round the Benz?

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