Just a little tip, may be useful.

  Sapins 15:51 09 Jun 04

Just found out today that it makes it easier to reply to someone if you copy and paste their reply to your thread into the "add a new response" box, you can then type your comments/reply whilst looking at what they have written instaed of scrolling up and down the page. Don't forget to clear their comment before you post.

  Chris the Ancient 16:25 09 Jun 04

Like all good ideas...

Simple and effective...

And I wish I had thought of it :ob

  Sapins 16:45 09 Jun 04

When I said just found out I thought of it myself so I am taking all of the credit (now that someone thinks it is a good idea):-)

  Sapins 17:59 09 Jun 04


  Sapins 19:20 09 Jun 04


  Sapins 20:01 09 Jun 04

Thought it worth another bump.

  Sapins 22:15 09 Jun 04


  Sapins 07:47 10 Jun 04

Encore Bump

  Sapins 13:35 11 Jun 04


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