Just installed cordless kb/mouse but is this right

  Tick Tock 14:55 23 Jun 06

Logitech kb/mouse works but the cursor keeps blinking when online and the red light on the underside of the mouse stays on even when pc is shutdown,this is my first cordless set are these 2 things normal.

  Woolwell 15:06 23 Jun 06

Don't have a blinking cursor but do have the red light on all of the time. I find that my mouse gets through batteries. There have been previous threads on battery consumption and recommendations about other batteries.

I found that a plain black mouse pad was better than one with a white logo on a blue background as with the latter the cursor would suddenly jump to a corner of the screen.

  mattyc_92 15:09 23 Jun 06

The lazer (the red light from the underside of the mouse) is always on for me, unless I don't use the Keyboard and Mouse for over about 5 hours

As for the "cursor keeps blinking" bit, I am not sure what you mean...

  Tick Tock 15:14 23 Jun 06

When i say blinking i mean it dissapears for a fraction of a second then reappears it does this all the time when online but its calm when i am offline.

  mattyc_92 15:16 23 Jun 06

Sounds like some sort of "nasty"

Suggest you to do a full Virus, Malware, Adware, etc.. scans

  Spark6 15:23 23 Jun 06

stays on.

My Belkin cordless mouse has a miniature switch on the underside! Essential for minimising battery use I would suggest.

If your keyboard is also battery operated maybe someone else would like to comment.

  Tick Tock 19:20 23 Jun 06

Done the scans no nasty reported also on the underside of the mouse just the connect button no switch.

  Woolwell 20:03 23 Jun 06

No switch on the bottom of my Logitech mouse either.
Are you on a wireless connection when on the internet?
Have you changed to mouse pointer scheme. The 3D-White is quite pleasant. See if it blinks then.

  Tick Tock 15:28 24 Jun 06

No i am not on wireless broadband,i will look at the
mouse settings again and the mouse pointer scheme.Its only day 2 with this new setup so still getting used to the workings of it.

  Tick Tock 23:54 24 Jun 06

Just been to the logitech support website and there is a software update for my desktop set its a full 12 months ahead of the version i have but it is a large download 47 MB,should i go for it.

  woodchip 00:05 25 Jun 06

Nothing wrong with it

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