Just an idea!

  Access genu 12:18 04 Dec 05

Darn those little ticks!

Since the forum is held within a DB, couldn't the forum editor email the starter of a thread, when it hasn't had any replies for a while and it is not solved?

I know that it would be a pain if you recieved loads of email, but it might remind people to tick the thread.

  john-232317 12:21 04 Dec 05

Ermmmm have you counted how many there are ;-0

  palinka 12:55 04 Dec 05

even reminding them doesn't work with some people.
Now if you or someone could come up with an EASIER WAY OF TICKING THAT might help, because the poblem is two-fold: partly that people just don't bother; partly that people don't understand the process, and in some cases think that what they've done IS what is required even when it isn't.

  Ikelos 13:01 04 Dec 05

better still, ask them to come back and check their posts, cos a lot of the time a question is asked, an answer is given, and the poster never comes back, even if only to say dont talk like a pillock, or words to that effect..

  Access genu 13:06 04 Dec 05

it could be done automatically, just needs a routine setting up

  Chegs ®™ 13:10 04 Dec 05

The FE has often said that no further changes will be made to the forums.He has also pointed out that the chances of changing the behaviour of some postee's(re:basic manners by offering thanks)are impossible.Most are simply glad to have their probs fixed and forget manners in their relief.

  woodchip 13:27 04 Dec 05

This could be automated

  Pamy 13:49 04 Dec 05

Perhaps it would be possible to prevent another post until the box was ticked?


  Wak 14:02 04 Dec 05

I agree that it could be automated and automatically ticked as solved if there is no further input after say three days.
Let's face it, if there is no reply or response after three days then either the problem has been solved in some way or else it can't be such a big problem to the original poster.
On second thoughts, after three days the posting would be on about page 5 or 6 and out of sight of the average reader/viewer but still remain there for any future searches.
Maybe the Editor is right when he says "forget it"????

  Access genu 08:08 05 Dec 05


  Chegs ®™ 09:25 05 Dec 05

If an automated resolve system was incorporated,how would you refine any searches for answers?

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