Just had an email from the Nigerian Scam...

  Sheila-214876 15:09 09 Feb 04

I read it and had a laugh and deleted it. But should I have reported it to my local Trading Standards Office?

  Taff36 15:16 09 Feb 04

If you`ve got nothing better to do but I think they know about them all by now and because they`ve gone on for so long should tell you they can`t do anything about them. (Other than to tell us to ignore them !!!!

  thisisnighthawk 15:25 09 Feb 04

as Taff said,or implied, it would be a waste of time. who would listen?

  TommyRed 15:33 09 Feb 04

I haven't had one for ages, but I want to write a reply after reading some of the really funny replies which are about. Maybe I should register on some obscure porn site, dwarf renderers or something or maybe just Kazaa. LOL TR

  Eastender 15:34 09 Feb 04

I always send a copy with all the headings (File> Properties>Details>Message Source) to [email protected] ISP to have them blacklisted.

  Djohn 16:15 09 Feb 04

These "Nigerian" scams. Is it the same person spamming under a different name, or different people using the same name/address?

Do they actually come from Nigeria or from this country? I've not yet received one of these mails. Maybe if I do they will see my account, feel sorry for me and put a few bob in. :o(

  obbit 16:20 09 Feb 04

i got one last week. i cannot understand how people fall for them.

i read it had a laugh and then deleted it.

  Sheila-214876 16:25 09 Feb 04

Djohn. I will forward you a copy of the one I got if you want it. Then you can assess it and tell me how anyone could be stupid enough to fall for it. No-one gives 25% of $30 away for nothing do they?

  smullan_2000 16:31 09 Feb 04


  joel42 16:33 09 Feb 04

Using IE6 and Outlook, I think in the last 2 years that I've had one of these from every relative of every Government Minister, senior army officer, senior civil servant and disgraced businessman in Nigeria. Must be a large, extended family, with lots of time to spare.

  Eastender 16:37 09 Feb 04

I would recommend this site for a laugh click here

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