Just downloaded IE 7

  hawthorn59 15:41 18 Oct 07

As the title said, ive just downloaded it. I Have been usign Firefox till now, and IE6, and one pet hate was the difficulty in reading small print. Especially on 15.4 widescreen. One thing I like is in IE7 when you increase the text size it seems to remember it for all new tabs as well!

2 things though, when I opened it first it presented me with a screen where I could make settings, how do i get back to that screen?

And also, I selected Google as the default search engine, but its google UK. In firefox it gave me the search web or ireland options. Is there a way to get this?

Finally is there somewhere or site you might recommend where i could read the best recommendations or tweaks for the settings.

Overall i like it!


  hawthorn59 15:43 18 Oct 07

Im replying to myself!! Just noticed when posting the original it seemed to take longer than in Firefox. I think it appears a bit slower, but again maybe I need to adjust settings...?


download ie7 pro it really does compliment it
click here
once you have downloaded ie7 pro,set up the adblocker plus in ie7 pro settings change max connections to 10

  oldbeefer2 15:52 18 Oct 07

To change home page (assuming XP) - start, settings, control panel, internet options, general. Change home page address to the one you want.

  Jimmy14 15:55 18 Oct 07
  sunny staines 16:13 18 Oct 07

as raven said ie7 pro

  Sea Urchin 17:19 18 Oct 07

Go to google.ie (preceded by www.) and make it a favourite for Google Ireland

  hawthorn59 18:05 18 Oct 07

Thanks all. I have downloaded and installed IE7Pro, but I still seem to have only IE7, version
7.0.5730.13 actually. It doesnt say IE7Pro....should it?


there should be a little blue e icon on the toolbar,click that to have a look at preferences ie adblock and settings to change max connections to 10 etc

  hawthorn59 03:14 19 Oct 07


Theres no icon. But in the drop menu under tools there is a IEPro settings.

In that I can only set max connections to 9, it wont go any higher. Whats that for anyway?

i quite like it. i also like Firefox. All of my bookmarks are in firefox. I realize I can import them, but is there any way I can get them to keep updated; ie when I add a bookmark/favourite to IE it will automatically add to Firefox?

Actually that sounds a bit crazy, feel a bit stupid for asking it...! But I'll leave it in, just in case...?!


  Halmer 06:30 19 Oct 07

This version of IE seems to load much quicker and run faster too.

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