Just bought mini Acer laptop, and then realised...

  Re-staw 14:57 22 Dec 08

Looking at the specs once again when i got home it states "Softload: Linux"

I have bought this for my son who is only familiar with windows XP so this isnt an ideal gift anymore, the laptop also does not have a CD drive so if i bought a windows XP CD i would not be able to install it anyway, is there anyway around this ?

  Re-staw 15:01 22 Dec 08

Its the "Acer aspire one ZG5"

  PO79 15:02 22 Dec 08

If it were me I would try to exchange it for one with XP preloaded. If you explain I'm sure the shop would be sympathetic. May cost a little more though.

  crosstrainer 15:02 22 Dec 08

Straight answer? No. You've bought a net book, nothing wrong with it but if your son plays games, and is used to MS Office, it might be better to get him a proper laptop.

  LastChip 17:07 22 Dec 08

Your son may well have only used XP so far, but that doesn't mean he can't use Linux.

It's still just point and click and he'll have a lot less trouble with Linux, than XP.

Far from not being ideal, you may have just done him the biggest favour, ever!

  DieSse 17:52 22 Dec 08

My family (son and grandson & granddaughter) use either Linux or XP when they come to my place (depending what's on the screen.

My son has an XP system, which they all use - the granddaughter has an Asus eeePC (linux) too. My son and I also have Elonex OneT+ netbooks (also Linux).

None of us find the slightest problem switching around between the various systems.

The Linux systems need much less attention to anti-virus, anti-malware and general housekeeping programs. So in the end you may have actually done him a big favour.

  Forum Editor 00:10 23 Dec 08

you can, but you'll need to use an external USB CD drive. You must then configure the computer's BIOS settings to make the drive the first boot device.

Once you've done that, put the XP installation CD in the drive and restart the computer - the XP installer will start to run, and you just follow the prompts.

  CDL 23:55 09 Jan 09

Hello Forum Editor

Any coments re my post of 23:50 tonight @Netbook Windows Installation'


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