Junk Email Elimination

  jimforrest 21:25 09 Oct 13

I have switched from Outlook to Windows Live Mail recently and I've noticed that under 'Junk' in one of the menus it says - 'add sender to blocked sender's list' and 'add sender's domain to blocked sender's list'. You can't select both as the action happens as soon as you click either one - but what is the difference?

  AroundAgain 22:37 09 Oct 13

I've just found this:

*Block a Sender in Windows Live Mail

To add a sender to your list of blocked senders in Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail: Highlight a message from the undesired sender in the message list. Make sure the Home ribbon is active. Click the down arrow beneath Junk in the Home ribbon.

Select Add sender to blocked sender list from the menu.

Select Add sender's domain to blocked sender list from the menu to block messages not only from this sender but from all addresses at the same domain (what follows the '@' sign).*


Hope this helps explain it?

  jimforrest 22:47 09 Oct 13

Cheers Aroundagain - I suppose it's for those spams that constantly change the front part of their addy to beat the 'blocked sender' list.

  AroundAgain 23:34 09 Oct 13

Yes, presumably, assuming they have their own specific domain names. Cheers

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