Jumps no longer working

  Pesala 21:27 16 Apr 03

Jumps to the other forums no longer work in Opera 7.1 - this does not seem to be a Javascript problem. After re-enabling Javascript, the jumps still do not work. OK in Internet Explorer.

Any solutions, similar experiences?

  VoG™ 21:51 16 Apr 03

What do you mean Pesala, like between Helproom and Consumerwatch?

  Pesala 22:10 16 Apr 03

That little box below the resolved checkbox. One can use the links at the top of the page though. I have bookmarked the forums to get around the problem for the time being.

  VoG™ 22:18 16 Apr 03

Working in Opera 6.05.

I don't use V 7 since my ™ appears as a ?

  Pesala 22:23 16 Apr 03

In version 7.1 you can use automatic encoding or Unicode UTF8 encoding.

With automatic encoding your ? should display correctly. If not try Unicode.

  Pesala 22:24 16 Apr 03

Trademark â„¢

  Pesala 22:27 16 Apr 03

What a kludge. Works fine in Opera, but looks like â„¢ in Internet Explorer

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