Jumping cursor on laptop

  bruno 19:29 15 Oct 07

My mates' cursor on his laptop jumps all over the place.It is the I bar which tells you where you up to when typing(not the mouse pointer).It happens on all programmes where typing is done and he has proved it is not the mouse.Any suggestions welcome.

  bruno 20:11 16 Oct 07


  maxdoras 21:28 16 Oct 07

Try disabling the mousepad on your laptop. I did it and the problem is much less. When the mousepad was enabled, even though I use a wireless mouse, my fingers or hands were lightly brushing the mousepad. Now I can stand on the mousepad and my cursor stays in place.

  bruno 21:44 16 Oct 07

Thanks for that.I will give it a try.

  bruno 10:47 18 Oct 07

Not resolved, but no answers forthcoming so I will close the post.
Thanks for the suggestion,but it did not provide a cure.

  wee eddie 12:40 18 Oct 07

What OS is he running and how much RAM does he have?

  bruno 17:45 18 Oct 07

He is on XP home and I think he has 512mgb, but I will ask him at golf in the morning.He has recently re installed windows to cure another,unrelated problem.

  hawthorn59 17:59 18 Oct 07


I have a thread on this topic in the last few days also. I have the same problem. it only happened since i installed a new hard drive and installed XP pro.

It is so frustrating, and no one seems to have a solution. Why do people keep saying the mouse and touchpad....as you said its NOT the mouse cursor!
I've even tried brushing off the touchpad and that only moves the mouse cursor, which is not the problem!

Im amazed theres no solution, it seems to be a very very common problem. I googled it and got loads of hits but no solution!!


  hawthorn59 18:03 18 Oct 07

Aaagghh! Can that be a clue? You say he has recently reinstalled windows? So have I! Except I went from XP home to Xp Pro. There must be something in this.

Even as I started to type this answer, there was a loud click, cursor disappeared and the active window was gone! I was on the PCAdvisor Home Page!

Could it be a virus?


  bruno 20:16 19 Oct 07

I saw him this morning and he agreed that it must be something to do the reinstall.He is going to uninstall everything to do with a mouse he can find and then download the latest drivers for his Logitech mouse.If that does not work he is going to reinstall again.In case you are wondering,he does not use the mouse built into the laptop.

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