jumbled text when writing

  tqe06z 12:37 PM 30 May 11

my wifes laptop seems to want to spell its own words when typing any sort of text. its not predictive just correct letters but not in the right order. Is this a virus?

  Graphicool1 13:15 PM 30 May 11


Are you referring to emails? If so, which email client are you using. If not can you please be more specific as to which programme she is using. Has is always done this or only recently?

  tqe06z 14:01 PM 30 May 11

its when she is using ms word and it only started a few hours ago

  lotvic 14:29 PM 30 May 11

As it has only just started a few hours ago:

Close down and switch off the laptop. Disconnect from mains and take out the battery. Hold in the on/off button for about 20 seconds (to discharge any residual current)

Wait 2 minutes then connect up and switch on.

Often this will clear a temporary 'glitch'.

  tqe06z 14:46 PM 30 May 11

cheers seems to have cleared it. phew thought she would have to use my laptop haha


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