Jumbled pictures

  SparkyJack 20 Oct 11

I received a mail which instead of being a series of Jpg images was a list of titles well spaced out. W en I got to the bottom of the list and still no images a I responded - 'No imeges' using the 'reply' function = the sender said he had got the message - 'Images could not be sent' he also using the reply function So I now had his rep to my message in reply to the 'No image' original Got it? But this message seemed some what larger So I kept scrolling and there were the 'missing' images-Jumbled in an uncoordinated heap So what did/did mot happen here?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20 Oct 11

A bit more info might help

such as what e-mail clients are you both using, OE, Windows mail?

Not sending receiving images can be down to the security settings in the relevant e-mail client.

  SparkyJack 20 Oct 11

I heard this afterno9n the sender uses Windows Livemail which he says will some times also come up with *'one or more of the pictures in the message could not be found when you send this message, these pictures will not be included
are you sure you want to send this message? yes/no*

I am not familiar with this one, as I no longer a Windows user.

I use web mail for all my mail work.

In one of the more recent sendings back and forth all the images appeared as a large group of jpeg files at the top of the message.


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