thumbscrew 20:37 19 Dec 07

Just been reading about Joost. Anyone using it and, if so does it devour download limits?

  skidzy 21:02 19 Dec 07

Tried it a while back with an invite from a forum member if i remember correctly.
It was ok but nothing to shout home about,maybe its improved since then.

Unsure if this will exceed your download limit,i guess it depends how much you use it.

  thumbscrew 01:19 20 Dec 07

skidzy...thanks pal, I'll download it and see what's on there.

  Shortstop 10:37 20 Dec 07

Like skidzy, I also tried Joost via an invite from a forum member, but wasn't impressed by the content so removed it.

I am now using JLC click here which IMHO offers a wider range of TV programs.



  johnnyrocker 10:41 20 Dec 07

joost ( although i have not checked it out fully)
does seem a bit of a waste and i might have a
play if nothing else to do


  Dipso 11:47 20 Dec 07

I offered invites some time ago so folks could try it out but rarely use it myself now.

Re: the download limits question, I think you should check this out click here however, as long as you exit the program correctly rather than just closing the window you should be fine.

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