Joining emails back together

  ChrisAnnSen 10:00 29 Oct 04

I sent an email with a rather large attachment and was surprised to find that OE split it into 13 separate emails.
The problem is, how does the recipient - who uses Outlook - join them back together? I've tried 'Help' but it was its usual unhelpful self.

  ICF 10:33 29 Oct 04

I have just sent myself a 2.4MB files and it was split into 4.When it came to me it in 4 pieces outlook express joined it together automatically.

  MAJ 10:44 29 Oct 04

Yes OE will split large attachments if you have it set to do so in OE > Tools > Accounts > Mail tab > your account > Properties > Advanced tab > Sending section > "Break apart messages larger that ???? KB".

Your recipients OE will automatically stitch them back together again on receipt.

  ChrisAnnSen 11:51 29 Oct 04

Unfortunately this doesn't appear to have happened. I sent the emails from home and I am now in the office attempting to use the attachments. Unfortunately all the split emails are sitting in the intray in their individual portions. However, I now know to change the defaults at home so hopefully it won't happen again. Many thanks.

  ICF 12:24 29 Oct 04

Select the messages the combined equal the whole message and click on the message tab in out look express select combine and decode and that should do it.

Info click here

  ChrisAnnSen 18:08 29 Oct 04

Thanks ICF - was sure there'd be an easy way to cope, I just couldn't think of it.

  Simsy 06:46 30 Oct 04

but I'm curious to find out how...

I note that the original question referred to the multiple messages being received in OUTLOOK, not Outlook EXPRESS...

It is a question I asked on this site a couple of years ago, and found no resolution.

Can I ask; Has this really been resolved, and if so, how?




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