Join together two wirless networks

  Thalmus 15:45 01 Dec 05

Hi guys,

We have a public wireless network that the connects to the internet and uses a wireless access point,

To this I need to add some other computer which need to use the same internet but be seperate from the public network.

I was thinking of setting these computers up behind a firewall on their own wireless network and then joining it to the public network.

Is tis possible? or is there another easier way?

  mgmcc 17:27 01 Dec 05

Not quite sure what you mean by a "public wireless network" - are you running a Hotspot or is it a wireless LAN that you have left unsecured?

Presumably the existing "Wireless Access Point" plugs into a LAN port in a router? You could plug a second (wireless) router into another LAN port in the first router and run it in a different subnet from the first network. Computers connected to the second router would have internet access from the first router, but File/Printer sharing would be restricted to those connected directly to the second router.

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