Jettec Refill Kit Warning

  blackbob 15:44 13 Dec 03

Irecently purchased the Jettec colour refill kit at my local "Aldi" store. Following the enclosed instuctions I've ruined a Lexmark z55 colour cartridge.I've now checked the Jettec web site and the filling holes are marked completely different to those on the enclosed leaflet
The kits were selling like hotcakes,there will be some angry Lexmark users out there

  Diodorus Siculus 15:55 13 Dec 03

Yes, it is a warning ok! What language were the instructions in (or rather, how many languages)? It could be that the cartridges used as examples by the Jettec kit are different to the ones sold where you bought yours.

Notwithstanding the small print, approach Aldi for a refund and the cost of the damage, that is, a new cartridge. Point out that head office may wish to recall the product.

  SEASHANTY 16:18 13 Dec 03

You might have given us the Jettec website link
click here I also purchased one of the refill kits but haven't has yet used it.

  blackbob 16:23 13 Dec 03

The language is English and no other language.Jettec are a UK. company.
My cartridge was a genuine Lexmark Original.
I would have thought all Lexmark z55 originals would be the same layout i.e.the filling holes would have the same layout

  Diodorus Siculus 16:28 13 Dec 03

blackbob -fair enough - why not get in touch with Jettec then and tell them what has happened.

  blackbob 16:29 13 Dec 03

Check the site for the refilling instructions for Lexmark z55/z65 note the hole markings
Then check the leaflet with the kit note the hole markings.

  blackbob 16:34 13 Dec 03

Have emailed jettec about the problem today
Jettec helpline operates Monday- Friday
Will phone Monday morning

  Stuartli 17:45 13 Dec 03

I've used Jettech products for a number of years and never experienced any problems with them; in my case, however, they are for a seven-year-old Canon BJC-600e printer.

  blackbob 09:37 15 Dec 03

Phoned Jettec this morning,informed cartridge layout changed since instuction leaflet printed.Web site instructions are kept updated.Replacement cartridge to be posted.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:23 15 Dec 03

blackbob - good to hear that Jettec are willing to replace the cartridge. Did you mention that you had posted a query on this forum? Or was it an immediate offer to replace the cartridge.

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