Jerky video playback with 100% CPU usage

  RogerJ 17:42 26 Dec 09

Got an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop, approx. 3y old. Dual core AMD processor and 2GB RAM, running Vista. Over the past few months I’ve noticed video playback problems on iPlayer, YouTube, etc. All is OK for up to about 1-2 mins, then the picture either freezes or becomes very jerky for for 15-30 seconds, then plays again, then freezes again, etc. When this happens the CPU usage jumps from about 25% to 100% and then back again. It’s not just streamed content; I get the same problem on playing downloaded files including .mpg types, and even on DVD playback. I’ve updated the video drivers (ATI Radeon Express 1100), cleaned all the junk out of the system, cleaned the registry, scanned for malware, updated the system BIOS, disabled the Avast AV protection, changed browsers and players, and just about every other trick I know! Nothing makes any difference. All other functionality seems fine; it’s just video playback that is the issue. I really can’t think what to try next…HELP!

  Technotiger 17:52 26 Dec 09

Have you installed the latest Codecs?

  RogerJ 18:28 26 Dec 09

Removed Adobe Flash and re-installed latest version yesterday. No difference. Haven't knowingly changed any other codecs. All used to work OK in the past.

  Technotiger 18:34 26 Dec 09

But have you installed the Latest Vista Codecs, these are continually being updated!

click here

  RogerJ 18:55 26 Dec 09

Would these be included in the regular Vista auto-updates from MS?

PS - just been comparing the performance in Task Mgr with another Acer laptop I have (a little newer with Intel processor, but otherwise same spec, Vista and mostly the same software). No problems at all on this machine, but looking at performance tab, I have approx 750,000 "handles" (whatever they are) showing on the problem machine vs. 24,000 on the one that works fine. Any clue here? All other values look quite similar.

  Technotiger 19:28 26 Dec 09

Codecs are not included in Microsoft updates!

  RogerJ 19:56 26 Dec 09

OK thanks...will try the codecs update suggestion.

The "handles" issue has been resolved, but made no difference

  gigagiggles 00:38 27 Dec 09

'The 750,000 "handles" issue has been resolved, but made no difference'

coolly and suavely waved off. :-)

  RogerJ 11:34 27 Dec 09

Yes, it was an Acer keyboard application launcher! As soon as I disabled it, the total "handles" went down to about 25,000. Made no difference to my video problem though.

I've looked at various codec packages for Vista, but wonder if I might cause more issues than I've got if I install the wrong one. Most of my trials have been with VLC Media Player, which apparently has it's own codecs...and that plays jerky as well. As all file types in all players (Real, WMP, VLC, FLV player, etc) have the problem, so all codecs would have to be old/corrupt, and that seems unlikely...or am I missing the point?

  Les28 12:36 27 Dec 09

It's not DMA transfer mode reverting to PIO mode is it?

click here

click here

  RogerJ 13:37 27 Dec 09

I did check this, but your links give a much more thorough explanation and procedure, so I'll go back and check again. Many thanks.

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