Jerky video play back

  JeffDH 18:34 03 Jun 06

I have a mesh matrix AMD athlon 64 3500, 2.21 ghz & 1gb ram. The screen is a sharp LL-173C-B with default settings at 1280x1024, 32 bit colour, 60hrz refresh.

Whenever I play a DVD or video from hard drive the picture is always jerky. The sound is fine.
This happens using any video playback software.
I have tried help and support center with no luck.
Does any one have any suggestions?
Thanks Jeff

  €dstowe 18:38 03 Jun 06

Do you have anything else using the hard drive at the same time?

Video playback is very CPU and (if you're playing from it) hard drive intensive.

  wolfie3000 18:45 03 Jun 06

Could be a codec problem if that helps?

  BBez 18:49 03 Jun 06

install K-Lite Codec Pack 2.72, it usually sorts out most problems...

pick full or lite, i recommend lite for reduction in conflicts...

click here

  JeffDH 22:13 08 Jun 06

I have been trying a few things. I have updated the drivers and software for the video card.(radeon)
I have installed the latest java update.
Codecs are fine, Divx.

Then I tried running the pc in safe mode. The videos worked fine.

Back in normal and I am still getting jerky video??

These were updated after speaking to mesh.

Any more ideas?


  wolfie3000 22:40 08 Jun 06

Have you checked your cpu usage it might be close to 100% this will cause jerky video.

  JeffDH 22:49 08 Jun 06

CPU is fine I have kept the task manager open to keep an eye on that.

Can any one recommend some software to scan your system for updates on drivers etc?

  Newuser3605 21:29 07 Dec 06

I have forgotten the title of the thread where I found the solution to this problem and who posted it, but I am extremely grateful.
I could not capture video, or play it back from disks or from the Internet without it juddering and being out of sync with the sound. I also noticed that cpu usage was in a level 100% usage.
Anyway, who ever posted the solution will know who he is.
All I had to do was download a 3kb file from which basically resets the harddrive to DMA from PIO.
JeffDH found a different solution but I am sure this will help out many sufferers, who like me might have forked out for new sound and video cards.

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