jdbgmgr.exe - A request to PCA

  bremner 20:32 30 Jan 03

A suggestion to PCA

The most asked question on this forum seems to be "Is jdbgmgr.exe a hoax".

As more and more people join the forum and are unaware of this nasty little hoax would it not be possible to utilise the large white area to the right of the search box by placing a box explaining that this is a hoax.

This will prevent new members from possibly feeling foolish for asking a question that they subsequently realise has been asked and answered so many times before.

  graham 20:41 30 Jan 03

I think many folks quite like Teddy popping up so often.

  watchful 20:41 30 Jan 03

Good idea bremner - I almost fell for it once.

  Belatucadrus 23:40 30 Jan 03

Two more regular questions are :-
1 " What's the best free anti virus software "
2 " How do I reformat "
Both could be covered in an FAQ section.

  jazzypop 23:50 30 Jan 03

OK, as we are back to the FAQ suggestion, how about including...

'How do I network my PCs?'

'What's the best graphics card?'

'What's the best firewall?'

'Where can I buy a laptop for less than £xxx?'

'I just got told that I had a virus - what do I do?'

'Athlon or Pentium?'

'Is downloading from Kazaa legal?'

'Can I install XP on all my PCs with the same CD?'

Obviously, there are quite a few more....

  barryoneoff 00:37 31 Jan 03

you missed out my favourite....When I defrag it keeps stopping at 10%....

bremner, I think it would take another forum to separate every FAQ. Like me, people gradually learn to search other threads to find a solution. When I first registered to this forum I asked some ridiculous questions, most of which I could have found out by a search (if not here, then Google.) Everyone has to log on for the first time, give 'em a chance!

  AndySD 00:41 31 Jan 03

barryoneoff I agree lets leave it as it is. Although these question come up all the time they are usefull as it gives people with little confidence in thier knowledge a chance to start posting.... and once started.....

  VoG™ 00:45 31 Jan 03

And me the opportunity to post the same solution over and over and over and over and over and over again....

I think that a FAQs would be useful but not at the expense of other things, like restoring the Search facility to its former glory.

  crx16 00:49 31 Jan 03

another to add to the list,

i have a 5.1 set-up, and my centre speaker isn't working.

  barryoneoff 00:54 31 Jan 03

Yeah, I think northamuk would have agreed with that (had he been here!)

  bremner 16:53 31 Jan 03

I didn't intend my suggestion to be extended to a FAQ section.

I agree that there are many often asked questions it was just that teddy seems to appear more often than most.

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