Forza 07:56 06 Oct 06

Hi, can anyone help me?

First of all, i use Firefox as my browser on Windows XP. Now, a problem i have is that not all web pages open, either completely or not at all.

When i go to Tools>Options>Content in Firefox, there are two options which are : Enable Java and Enable Javascript. These options are both ticked all the time, but if i uncheck 'Enable Javascript' and then refresh the web page, it loads!

Surely i do not have to keep doing this when a web page will not load? Is ther something else i need to do or check?

Please's soooooooo frustrating!

Thanks in advance!

  Batch 10:20 06 Oct 06

Is it only certain particular web pages that you have the problem with?

Web page developers often put tests in to see whether Javascript is enabled and if it isn't take some alternative action so that the page (still) renders. So if it is only a limited number of web pages that you have the problem with, it might be flaws in their Javascript.

BTW Java and Javascript are two very distinct elements.

  Forza 10:36 06 Oct 06

Well its strange because sometimes it'll do it on a web page i frequent regularly!

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