rotormota 19:39 08 Nov 05

I have my own website & use IE. The only negative feedback (& this has been extremely minimal as most people sensibly still use IE) is from those 'rebels' who choose to be different from the crowd & have installed Firefox!

Well in an attempt to keep all happy I downloaded Firefox today & in no time was having to download & install various Java plugins. This would have been fine but now I have an annoying Java icon in my system tray & what is worse is that it is applying itself to my IE browser as well as Firefox. As a result these plugins have the effect of making the definition of certain animations very ragged on what was a perfectly good IE browser.

So, to sum up, how can I get rid of this Java thing & get my good old IE back the way it was please?


  ade.h 20:33 08 Nov 05

Hi Rotamota.

How's the site coming along? If your new Java download is bugging you, it should be quite easy to shift. If it's Sun Java (most likely) it will be listed in Add/Remove Programs as J2SE Runtime Environment, with a sort of teacup logo.

  PurplePenny 23:19 08 Nov 05

I don't understand: the title of the thread is JavaScript ruins site but you actually seem to be talking about Java.

  rotormota 23:54 08 Nov 05

Sorry for confusion but thanks to ade.h. It was the afore mentioned Sun Java & I have uninstalled now so quality graphics have returned again.

The site is coming on well since some weeks ago when I first posted the link.

click here

Best regards

  Kev.Ifty 00:55 09 Nov 05

Heres a link you might like to include, when your ready.

click here

Best wishes with the site.

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