Javascript & Java

  David4637 15:20 31 Oct 10

When I click on a web page with a specific link, the link says javascript:launch then an address, but the page does not open, nothing happens.
I am confused between javascript and java runtime etc.
What do I need to open this web page, a java or a javascript update? All other types of web pages open OK.
Thanks David

  David4637 15:43 31 Oct 10

This link runs a java test and it displays OK
click here

  David4637 10:35 01 Nov 10

Can I update Javascript in IE6 by downloading. Please give me a link if an updated version is available. Thanks David

  961 11:52 01 Nov 10

You'll find a copy of IE8 on the current PCAdvisor dvd that comes with the magazine (and on most magazine discs)

IE6 is insecure

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