Java shuts down IE and Firefox

  MikeWhiteSW5 12:57 PM 24 Jul 07

I tried yesterday to log on to a website that provides charts showing live gold prices and my browser shut down instantly. This happened both with Firefox and with Internet Explorer. I was recommended to check that I had the latest version of Java in case a Microsoft Windows update had interfered with my current version. I went to click here and then on the link Do I have Java? and then on Verify Installation. At that stage, the same thing happened with both browsers.

Any suggestions?

Mike White

  bert52a 14:12 PM 24 Jul 07

have you recently updated firefox browser?When I did it gave me a message saying that my version of Jave wasn't compatible with the latest Java.I ignored it but also have been having similar problems to you.

Why would firefox issue the upgrade if they know there is this problem when java is needed on so many sites?

  MikeWhiteSW5 14:45 PM 24 Jul 07

I have Firefox 2.0. What is puzzling is that the problem also occurs with IE version 6 (I don't like IE 7 and had to use System Restore to get back to version 6 after accepting the upgrade). Java is a mystery to me. Mike

  birdface 15:25 PM 24 Jul 07

Hi .I tried downloading Java 6.2 on Firefox last week, And it would not accept it, Moved to IE7 And downloaded it there no problem.So don't know if it's just a Firefox -Java problem.

  brundle 15:32 PM 24 Jul 07

Its a pain that it has never been fixed yet, but the `incompatibility` is only that people who use Java console can't access it from within Firefox; it doesn't actually break anything.

Look in add/remove programs, remove JRE references, download and install tha latest; click here

  MikeWhiteSW5 16:41 PM 24 Jul 07

I found six instances of Java in Add/Remove Programs and, following the advice, deleted them all. I then downloaded and installed the latest version of Java ( It all seems to work correctly on either browser. Problem resolved. Thank you for your input. Mike White


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